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March 27th-29th

SDI Open Water Diver

The Open Water Diver course is a two-part course. The first part is what we call the online academic and pool class, and the second is what we call check out dives. 

The pool class consists of an online E-learning portion, that will teach new divers about gas laws, equipment, and theory. Once the students have completed this we then meet at the Two Worlds Divers shop Friday evening from 6-9 pm. During this time we will go over what was learned in the online class, fill out medical and liability release forms, as well as try on all of the gear needed for in the pool. On Saturday and Sunday we will meet at the pool facility from 9:45 am-5: 15 pm. This is where we will train divers on how to use all of the gear and fill comfortable doing so. We will teach skills such as clearing a flooded mask while underwater, how to set up and break down the gear, how to share air in emergencies, how to maintain neutral buoyancy underwater, and most importantly how to dive safely while maximizing the fun! 

Once the pool classes are completed students will need to book a separate check out dive trip with us. Students must complete 4 check-out dives, 2 dives a day. Check out dives occur in open water, it is an opportunity for the students to demonstrate all of the skills they learned in the pool in an open water setting, such as a quarry, lake, or ocean. The prices for check out dives vary by location. If we take students to a local quarry the price is $100 per day, this is the cheapest check out dive class we offer. Once students complete their 4 check-out dives they will receive a certification card that allows them to dive open water anywhere in the world for life. We do offer specialty courses if students want to advance their knowledge and experience. Specialty course includes wreck diving, deep water, night dives, etc. 


The cost of the pool class is $350. This includes the online course, rental gear, tanks, instructor fee and certification upon completion of 4 checkout dives.


The cost for 4 check-out dives varies with the cheapest option being $200 for 4 check-out dives over 2 days. this also includes rental gear, entry fee, tanks, and instructor.


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