Florida Springs April 10th-13th

Easter Break 2020

Check Out Dives

Two Worlds Divers is offering a chance to get away to sunny Florida for a few days over Easter break!!! This is a great opportunity to finish your 4 open water certification dives and get in a nice break before finals.


The Details

You will have the opportunity to get 6 dives in, so your first 4 dives will be part of your checkout dives required for certification, and the last two you will get to dive as newly certified divers!!! We leave from Boone, NC and carpool down to FL at noon on Friday from the TWD shop please arrive at the shop by 11:30am. We stop on the way down in Kingsland, GA and get a hotel for the evening to break up the drive. Saturday morning we get up and drive a couple of hours to our first dive site, Rainbow River. We do two dives and then head to our hotel in Crystal River, FL right on the water. This will be our home base for a couple of days. Sunday morning we head to Blue Grotto or Devils Den (depending on availability)(Devil’s Den pictured left). Once you finish your 4th dive you will be a certified diver! On Monday we will check out of the hotel in Crystal River and head to Manatee Springs State Park and do our last two dives of the trip. We will then pack up our gear and head all the way back to Boone. Our ETA into Boone is around midnight. Depending on how many stops you make on the way home. 

Dive Sites:

“Rainbow River” Dunnellon, FL

Rainbow River is a great place for your first couple of dives. The maximum depth is only 23ft, and there is a lot of life to interact with below and on the surface. Rainbow River is home to a variety of freshwater fish, turtles, and underwater hunting birds such as the Cormorant. We often see them dive under the water and snag small fish right in front of us! The visibility is phenomenal as there is a lot of water being pushed up out of underground springs into the river. There are a couple of places on the river for the adventurous folks to even go inside some of these springs and feel the current rush by them.

“Devil's Den” Williston, FL

Devils Den is a breathtakingly beautiful dive site. It's an underground prehistoric spring and one of our favorite places to dive. Walking down the steps into the cavern for the first time is something you will never forget. You’ll get to dive in underwater rock formations and swim-throughs. You might see a few fish near the surface but not many at deeper depths. This is a fantastic cavern that is really fun to explore!

“Manatee Springs” Chiefland, FL

At Manatee Springs State Park we will be able to dive two different sites at the same location. The first is a cavern called Catfish Hole. This site is a great cavern that extends 65ft down and has many shelves and rooms to explore.

The second dive takes place at the mouth of the river where 100million gallons of water is forced out of the underwater spring. For the determined adventurous diver it offers an opportunity to fight against the outflow and enter an incredible cathedral room underground. This is a dive that we look forward to every year, and that you won’t want to miss!

Dive sites dependent on availability



I-95 Exit 3, 1325 E King Ave, Kingsland, GA 31548   (912) 662-5560

Best Western Crystal River

614 US-19, Crystal River, FL 34428 (352)-795-3171

This hotel offers a seafood restaurant, tiki bar, live music, hot tub, and a pool. 

The Cost

Cost: $520
Includes: Hotels, Instructor Fees, Gear Rentals, Tanks, Weights, and certification card upon completion.

Not Included: Transportation to FL but we can help arrange carpools. Food and drinks.

This trip is open to your friends and family who are already certified as well. The cost for them w/o gear is $395 with a max gear rental fee of $50.

5% discount for payment in full at the time of registration via cash or check. A minimum non-refundable deposit of $250 for checkout divers and $200 for certified divers will secure your spot on the trip. First come first serve basis, non-refundable deposits accepted no later than March. 6th. Payment in full is due March. 27th. Call for non-diver rates and arrangements. 

If you do not plan on returning to Boone with the group, you must arrange with another student to return your rental gear and tanks to us. We can not haul your gear and tanks.

Starting at $375

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